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This page offers links to a selection of web sites that my husband Bill and I have put together.

I am a retired broadcast engineer who worked at KGO-TV, ABC 7, the Disney owned television station in San Francisco, for 25 years.   I still have a strong interest in TV and radio, and I maintain a detailed list of all the TV stations within 100 miles of San Francisco, a site on Sutro Tower, as well as a variety of other broadcast related information.  You'll find it all in my "Broadcasting", "Sutro Tower" and other pages linked below.

I love traveling, photography, taking walks, working on my web sites, working in the garden, and spending time with friends. You'll find our travel photos and a variety of other photos linked below.

The photo of me on this page was taken at Muir Woods National Monument.

Our pages on the web

Photos from our many trips and adventures, plus photos from around San Francisco, including friends' visits, our flowers, and more

The boots site for men that I established in 1997. It's probably the world's largest!

Broadcasting links to TV information, station lists, antenna information, TV-Radio news, DXing, and historical broadcasting

My lists of DTV Channels with full information on each station within 100 miles of San Francisco

List of all U.S. DTV Stations

San Francisco's main TV transmission tower - facts, photos and extensive coverage of the digital television antenna project

Ham radio links, and the book I wrote, "Introduction to Packet Radio."

Live scans showing reception data from each receiver channel - updated several times each hour

Photos showing the television antennas that I use for over-the-air reception

TV channels that I have received at my home in San Francisco

Radio stations that I have received at my home in San Francisco

Photos taken in the years 2004 through 2016

Kenney Family Tree, photos and other information
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Topics and photos of interest to Bill

Home Page for both Bill and Larry