Sutro Tower

San Francisco, California

Large Sized Photos

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This is a close up of the tower taken on November 14, 2009.  The antenna
project has been completed with the removal of all of the old antennas used
for analog and the new antennas for digital operation added in their place.

This photo is an overall view of Sutro Tower as seen from Twin Peaks on September 2, 2009.
Note that work had not been completed on the northeast mast.
Another full view of the tower... looking up from near the base
The next photo shows the southeast and west masts of Sutro Tower in full detail.  Included are the antenna for KGO 7 at the top left with the KBCW 45 antenna below it, the combined antenna for KPIX 29, KRON 38 and KTVU 44 at the top right and the KOFY 19 antenna below it.

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Close up of the KGO 7 antenna
Close up of the KBCW 45 antenna
Close up of the KPIX 29-KRON 38-KTVU 44 combined antenna
Close up of the KOFY 19 antenna
Close up of the KQED 30-KMTP 33-KCNS 39-KCNS 43 combined antenna
Close up of the auxiliary antenna for the UHF channels
FM antennas for KKSF 103.7 (left) and KFOG 104.5 (right)
Northeast mast showing the KQED 30-KMTP 33-KCNS 39-KCSM 43
combined antenna, the KFSF 34 antenna and the KOIT-FM 96.5 6-bay antenna
Photos courtesy of Bob Hofert, Ken Erickson and Falcon 77.
Thanks to all who have contributed photos for this web site!

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