HD HomeRun Channel Scans


My home is located at an elevation of 315 feet above sea level near the geological center of San Francisco, California, 3/4 mile east of Sutro Tower.  I have four antennas mounted at various heights from 20 to 40 feet above ground level that are connected to HD Home Run receivers.  You can view signal reports from these receivers using the links below.  To see photos of the antennas used, visit my antenna page.


You view my reception reports using the charts and maps, linked below. To view other locations, use the maps that are located at the the Rabbit Ears website on the "Live Bandscan" pages: http://www.rabbitears.info/

The charts show the stations received by my receivers by RF and virtual channel numbers and by callsign, along with the date and time they were last received, the distance of the station from my home, the signal strength in percentage of 100, and the MER, Modulation Error Ratio, showing the performance quality of the signal.

You can select how the stations are sorted and the reception report frequency you desire from "the last hour" up to "everything ever received". The charts are updated frequently with the time of the latest report shown at the top of each chart.


Channel 0:
Ability LP345 Log Periodic at 350 degrees

Channel 0 chart


Channel 1:
UHF Antennas Direct 91XG at 190 degrees

Channel 1 chart


Channel 2:
Winegard HD8200U
The HD8200U is on a rotor, so it can be pointed in any direction.
It is normally pointed at 165 degrees or 350 degrees for best
coverage of Bay Area stations.

Channel 2 chart


Channel 3:
Antennas Direct SR-15 at 200 degrees

Channel 3 chart


Maps on the Rabbit Ears Website:

Reception maps showing the signal paths of all of the participating receivers across the country can be found at

Station Lists:

For a list of all stations within 100 miles of San Francisco showing full details on the transmitter and virtual channels, call letters, programming, city of license, transmitter location, power, antenna height and more, check out my
DTV Channel List-by virtual channel.
DTV Channel List-by transmitter channel.

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