Larry's TV Station Log

Digital Channels Received By Larry At His Home In San Francisco

Note: There are no longer any analog channels within range.  Sub-channels are not shown.

Antennas used:
VHF: Antennas Direct C5
VHF/UHF combination: Winegard HD8200U and Ability LP345F Log Periodic
UHF: Antennas Direct - Terrestrial Digital XG91, 2 Channel Master 4228's and an Antennas Direct SR-15

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See notes below for an explanation of the header information.

City of
Info and Notes
(See below)
1.222.8KAXTDecadesSanta Clara-San JoseMt. Allison36 L
1.242.8KAXT*DecadesSanta Clara-San JoseMt. Allison36 L
2.131.3KTVU FOXOaklandSutro Tower.75
2.144.3KTVU*FOXOaklandSutro Tower.75
3.13.1KURK*CMC TVSan FranciscoMt. Tamalpais14 L
3.135.1KCRA*NBCSacramentoWalnut Grove62
4.17.4KRON MyNetTVSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
4.138.4KRON*MyNetTVSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
5.129.1KPIX CBSSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
6.19.1KVIE PBSSacramentoWalnut Grove62
6.115.1KSBY*NBC/CWSan Luis Obispoo5 miles N of SLO193 T
7.17.3KGO*ABCSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
7.112.3KGO ABCSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
9.130.1KQED PBSSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
10.110.1KXTV ABCSacramentoWalnut Grove61
11.112.3KNTV*NBCSan JoseMt. San Bruno5
11.113.3KNTV NBCSan JoseMt. San Bruno5
13.125.1KOVR CBSSacramentoWalnut Grove61
14.120.1KDTV UnivisionSan FranciscoMt. Allison36 
14.151.1KDTV*UnivisionSan FranciscoMt. Allison36 
17.14.1KQSL Dove TVSan RafaelMt. Tamalpais14 L
18.121.1KQRM InfomercialsPetalumaMt. San Bruno5 L
18.128.1KQRM*InfomercialsPetalumaMt. San Bruno5 L
18.19.1K18ND-D*PBS-KIXEChico-ParadiseCohasset Ridge157 L-T-Translator
19.226.2KTFK*KUVS-UnivisionSee channel 64.1 below. C
20.121.7KOFY IndependentSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno5 X-S 28
20.128.7KOFY*IndependentSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno5 X-S 28
22.15.1KRCB PBSCotatiSutro Tower.75
22.123.1KRCB*PBSCotatiSonoma Mountain42
24.124.1KNVN*NBCChicoHills E of Red Bluf175 T
24.111.1KAAP*DiyaSanta CruzLoma Prieta Mt.60 L
26.120.5KTSF IndependentSan FranciscoMt. Allison36 X-S 51
26.151.5KTSF*IndependentSan FranciscoMt. Allison36 X-S 51
27.120.1KEXT*Tokyo TVSan JoseMt. Allison36 L - X
28.121.1KDTV-CD*UnivisionSanta RosaSanta Rosa45 L
28.128.1KCNZ*IndependentSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno5 L
30.120.1KCVU*FOXParadiseNortheast of Chico155 T
31.121.1KMAX*CWSacramentoWalnut Grove62
31.124.1KMAX CWSacramentoWalnut Grove62
32.121.9KMTP News/ArtsSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno5 X-S 28
32.128.9KMTP*News/ArtsSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno5 X-S 28
32.133.3KMTP*News/ArtsSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno5 X-S 28
35.113.1KCBA*FOXSalinasFremont Peak86T
36.136.3KICU IndependentSan JoseMonument Pk36
38.132.1KCNS TRRSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75 H
38.139.1KCNS*SBNSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75 H
40.214.4KMMC K-POPSan FranciscoSutro Tower5 L
40.240.4KMMC*K-POPSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno5 L
42.132.3KTNC EstrellaTVConcordSutro Tower.75 X-S 39
42.139.3KTNC*EstrellaTVConcordSutro Tower.75 X-S 39
44.128.1KBCW*CWSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
44.145.1KBCW CWSan FranciscoSutro Tower.75
45.12.1KQRO Dove TVMorgan HillMt. Chual55 L
48.119.3KSTS TelemundoSan JoseMt. Allison36
48.149.3KSTS*TelemundoSan JoseMt. Allison36
50.132.3KEMO*AztecaSanta RosaMt. St. Helena64 X-S 39
50.132.7KEMO AztecaRedwood CitySutro Tower.75 X-S 39
50.139.7KEMO*AztecaRedwood CitySutro Tower.75 X-S 39
50.650.6KQEH*KQEH H.264 MP4San JoseMonument Pk36Testing - X
52.18.1KDTS*DaystarSan FranciscoMt. Diablo30 L
52.114.1KDTS DaystarSan FranciscoSutro Tower7.5 L
54.130.11KQEH KQEHSan FranciscoSutro Tower7.5 X-S 30
54.150.1KQEH*KQEH-SDSan JoseMonument Pk36 X-S 30
58.123.1KQCA MyNetTVStocktonWalnut Grove62
58.146.1KQCA*MyNetTVStocktonWalnut Grove62
60.127.3KPJK EducationalSan MateoSutro Tower.75
60.143.3KPJK*EducationalSan MateoSutro Tower.75
64.126.1KTFK*TeleFuturaStocktonWalnut Grove62 C
65.133.3KKPX IonSan JoseMt. San Bruno5
65.141.3KKPX*IonSan JoseMt. San Bruno5
66.134.1KFSF UniMasVallejoSutro Tower.75 
68.122.3KTLN H&I/MeTVPalo AltoMt. Allison35 X-S 42
68.142.3KTLN*H&I/MeTVPalo AltoMt. Allison35 X-S 42


Virtual Channel is the channel to which the signal is aliased.  Also called "PSIP Channel".  The PSIP
signal transmitted by the station causes this number to be used on viewers' sets.  Stations generally send
their former analog number as their virtual channel.

Transmitter Channel is the channel number the station actually transmits on.

Several active signals can be transmitted on one digital television channel.  To distinguish them, decimals
or dashes are added after the channel number - for example 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, or 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3.

Call Letters are linked to the FCC station files for the station. Just click on the call letters to go to the FCC site.

Info and Notes:
L = Low Power station
C = KTFK transmits on channel 26 and has virtual sub-channels of 64.1, 19.2, 64.3 and 64.4.
T = Station received for a few hours during tropo conditions.
X = Station is no longer on the air
X-S = Station is now sharing with another station on transmitter channel that's indicated.

Major San Francisco sites are in red.
Major Sacramento site is in blue.

Last updated on June 21, 2020


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